Monday, April 13, 2009

Mosaic Art

(A piece of mosiac art)

Mosaic Art

Mosiac art is very simple form of art.It uses pieces of pebbles, coloured glass pieces, shells or anything of you choice. Just imagine a design and fill that design with your creativity. Here we learn Mosaic art with help of acetate sheets.

It is made by using pieces of coloured glass or coloured transparent sheet in a very artistic way. It gives new dimensions to your pots, photoframes......


1..Glass Bottle or Flat Panel.
2..Any transparent Glue
3..Acetate sheets(normal transparent sheets which are used to make slide shows)
4..Palette Knife (Or any regular knife)
5.. Toothpicks
7..Different Colors (To paint the Acetate Sheets)

Step--1 Choose a pattern you want to make and Paint sheets/pieces of acetate accordingly. For eg if you want to make a sun, colour with yellow colour and then leave it dry.
Do not worried about getting a perfect finish as variations in color will add interest to the finished mosaic.

Step--2 Use a sharp scissor to cut the painted pieces of acetate- (First into strips and then into small squares).

Step--3.Apply thick layer of Glue on the surface.

Step--4 Use knife to spread the Glue over the surface.

Step--5 Use a slightly wet paint brush to pick up individual squares of painted acetate and gently position them on the bottle

Step--6 Use a toothpick to press the square of acetate into the glue. Don’t worry if Glue slowly leaks out between the squares.

Step--7 Continue placing and pressing the pieces of acetate in a random mosaic pattern.
When the flat surfaces of the bottle are complete, leave to dry.

(Photoframe made from mosiac art)

Tips and tricks:

...You may use this technique on any sort of shape. On bottle, Flat panels etc.

...Paste the glue just in short areas and then again placing & pressing technique .Divide it in phases and your result will be better

...You can also use coloured glass pieces or pebbles .

...Make phoframes that will make your memories come alive

Come on and make your own Mosaic piece


  1. Thanks for sharing.. its so simple!..

  2. this is really nice frame....
    thanks for sharing with us...

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